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One employee went to his master and said:
- Sir! Why are you paying me only five cents, and Ivan is always five rubles?
Master looks out the window and says:
- I see someone coming. It seems to be taking us past the hay. Come, let's see.
Released employee. Went back and says:
- True, sir. Like hay.
- And do not know where? Maybe with Cemenivskiy meadows?
- I do not know.
- Go and find out.
I went to the employee. Again included.
- Sir! Similarly, the Semenov.
- And do not know, hay first or second mowing?
- I do not know.
- So go down and find out!
Released employee. Returned again.
- Sir! First mowing!
- And do not know for what?
- I do not know.
- So go down and find out.
Go. He came back and said:
- Sir! In five rubles.
- And do not give cheaper?
- I do not know.
At this point, is Ivan and says:
- Sir! Drove past the hay meadows with Cemenivskiy first mowing. They asked for 5 rubles. Struck a bargain for 3 rubles for the WHO. I drove them into the yard, and they're unloaded.
The master turns to the first employee and says:
- Now you understand why you pay 5 cents, and Ivan 5 rubles? ? ...

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